Who can rent a Jalinga STUDIO by the hour?

Hourly rental is a convenient format for using a video studio for those who are just starting to shoot video content or just want to save time. This approach is convenient for many areas and businesses. In this article we will describe which are these.

Medical field - private clinics, hospitals, individual specialists

Representatives of the medical field most often record educational videos. These could be courses for new employees or introductory videos for clients. You can also hold webinars, participate live in specialized conferences or organize such conferences. Videos with the participation of experts increase their image in the opinion of the patients - you can even get to know the doctor before the appointment, to understand whether he is suitable or not.
HR-sphere - personnel departments of large companies
HR specialists conduct corporate employee training, briefings and other activities. With the help of Jalinga STUDIO, you can create a corporate university, which will always be replenished with fresh material, filmed quickly and with high quality.
Industrial enterprises - factories, large productions
At large-scale enterprises, the list of use of video content is very wide: from visual instructions and safety reminders for workers to training sales departments and presentations of their own products.
Small and medium business - retail, beauty industry, etc.
Video will always be perceived better than text. Whether you need to introduce a new collection to your clients or streamline the production of training materials for new employees, renting a video studio is the perfect solution. Jalinga's high-quality and technologically advanced equipment will allow you to show customers products in all their glory and convince them of the rightness of their choice.
Infobusiness — online courses, marathons
We can say that without the video format, the information business would definitely not be so popular. By conducting online courses, workshops and webinars, you bridge the line between your subscribers and fans, communicating with them almost live. In addition, hourly rental will save your budget if you do not shoot a lot of materials.

Jalinga STUDIO opens up a lot of opportunities for both newbies in the field of video content and those who already have shooting experience. Whether you are a business owner, HR specialist or blogger, Jalinga will help you solve your problem. Leave a request for a free demo hour in our studio in Moscow and try Jalinga on your own!

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