Assistant's Corner

For Jalinga Interactive Studio

Full cycle
Create, record and load your video content all in one place
Super-fast integration
Jalinga Studio experts will install the assistant's corner in the studio in 1 business day
All types of studios
The feature is suitable for any studio configuration (Jalinga Core, JalingaPro and Jalinga Max)
What is the Assistant's Corner for?
The assistant's corner allows you to write scripts, prepare methodological materials, create presentations in Jalinga Studio or PowerPoint and edit the resulting video material – all without leaving the studio or interrupting the shooting.

There may be an assistant in the studio who oversees the studio operations. Not only will they assist you with everything you might need, but they also manage the entire recording at the workplace.

This prevents the person recording from being distracted by the need to perform additional actions related to the technical side of the recording. The person recording can focus solely on recording and creating high-quality, interesting material.
The Assistant's Corner

— is Jalinga Studio's newest additional function. It will allow you to launch full-cycle video productions of lectures and generate professional online broadcasts in the compact space offered by the studio while providing a comfortable work environment for the your team.
with improved color reproduction, designed specifically for video editing
Professional headphones
Powerful server
What's included
For comprehensive quality control, we have placed special equipment and accessories in the assistant's corner:
combining high-quality sound with user comfort
for the fast processing and creation of the final video
The assistant's corner server is connected to the studio server via the same local Jalinga Studio network, allowing you to instantly transfer video files between them, view them and immediately edit them into the final video
Editing program
for the professional processing of video sequences and simple bonding of doubles

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Assistant's corner in Jalinga Video Studio combines all the video production processes and makes them as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

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