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Jalinga Video Studio — How We Began

Jalinga was founded in 2015.

All this began when one of the company's founders was recording educational video content and posting his videos on his YouTube channel. For that purpose, he created the first studio prototype, which he arranged right in his apartment, using a glass board and a foot pedal to turn the camera on and off.

Since 2017...

...the studio slowly begun to change and look like it does today. Our team has studied and tested technology to achieve the effect of making the viewer feel as if the presentation objects were right in front of the speaker. Thus, the speaker himself appears to be part of the presentation. In addition, it was important to reduce video recording and processing time, and to make this process as convenient and unnoticeable for the speaker as possible.


And we have found a solution!

To meet this challenge, the team began to develop our own software and create exclusive technical innovations. Now the studio uses its own software for creating and editing presentations, a transparent touch board, and a system supporting the filming process —

Touch board

In creating the studio, the Jalinga's team has followed the company's core values of ease of use and accessibility.

Thus, from 2015 until today, Jalinga has partnered with many well-known technological companies and universities around the world. In 2022 our experience and partnership with other online education industry representatives helped us open an office in Dubai, the UAE.

Today, we are open to cooperation with companies who share our mission: to improve the quality of online education around the world. Jalinga is growing rapidly in the USA, UK, Japan, Netherlands, Mexico, Germany and Poland. Our priority for the coming years is to expand into the leading markets of the West and the Middle East.

Our Team Works

Sergi Kuritsyn
Pavel Lovyannikov
CEO and the shareholder
Petr Konstantinov
Alexey Misyutin
Principal Investor and the shareholder
Head of Sales
CTO and the shareholder
Head of PR and marketing
Alexandra Shtirbu
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