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Ultra teleprompter*
"The Biggest in the World"

Allows you to maintain eye contact with your audience while reading your material and, giving your speech.
The teleprompter saves you from having to memorize the text. This is, especially helpful when you need to shoot a lot of videos in a short time. This greatly simplifies and speeds up shooting.

Reliably built

The platform with a teleprompter mount is made entirely of high-quality domestic materials, which ensures its reliability and durability. We have never had a case of teleprompter failure.

Comes standard in the Jalinga Max and Jalinga Pro packages
The teleprompter is an accessory that comes standard in our Jalinga Max and Jalinga Pro video studio packages. You can also buy it for the earlier Premium+ packages.
Please note that the teleprompter is not compatible with Jalinga Core.
*The large 55" ULTRA teleprompter is only compatible with the Jalinga Max package.
Ultra Teleprompter Video Review

Customize color and size

The teleprompter settings allow you to choose any color, font size and position that will make your work as comfortable as possible.

Choose your background color and transparency

Choose the background color that suits you best to make your teleprompter text as readable as possible.
Set the necessary transparency to easily navigate the presentation.

Screen settings

Our software allows you to choose your desired screen size and position. This allows you to conveniently position your text and follow it as you record. You can also change the screen size to display your information as effectively as possible.
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Jalinga Pro
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Jalinga Core
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Jalinga user reviews
Pierre Coombes
Sales marketing expert
Here at Jalinga Studio I filmed an ad for my company. I really enjoyed it and it has been really fun and interactive! It's great seeing a new technology in action when it comes to video.
Amina Yonis
Bloger and educator
I filmed my brand new course at Jalinga Studio. It was super exciting to use Jalinga software which is absolutely amazing. It completely changed the way I will film and edit my videos in the future. It took me around 20 minutes to record what will normally take at least an hour. It's amazing, I can't wait to use Jalinga to shoot new videos soon!
Shahina Jafar
We had a really great experience in Jalinga Studio. Their location is fantastic, really easy to get to. Jalinga crew has been really helpful to me, they helped me with the presentation before I came to the studio. I would definitely recommend Jalinga to people who are looking for an interactive way to do their webinars or courses.
Ivo Capins
Deputy director
Our school slogan is "Learn easy!" and it is one of iur core value. In school we put all effort to provide such learning experience when students got entertained and learning materials are tailored for their needs. Jalinga studio is excellent solution where we produce our learning materials. In Jalinga studio we created over 500 video within different curriculum. We 100% recommend Jalinga studio!
Jordan Gardner
Hi, my name is Jordan and I often use Jalinga for creating online videos for my students. I am a teacher, who teaches English as a second language. I find it very comfortable, very easy to get to when and the staff are always absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it.
Lora Peysakhovich
Regional manager
We were looking for a studio where we could record a video course for our clients on how to use our technology. We have lots of clients all over the country and it was very inconvenient to travel a lot. And we decided to reduce the costs and automate the process.
We chose Jalinga as it's really fast and easy to get a video done. We wrote the script, prepared presentations and texts for the prompter. And without any film crew our speaker managed to record the whole videocourse. We also liked to play with the elements of my presentation and the video is absolutely engaging.
Adrienne Ebert
English teacher
I have been filming recorded content with Jalinga studios for almost 2 years for an educational company.
I was able to quickly adapt to the studio, software and format, and now feel like I am a pro. This is not due to any great technical expertise on my part, but just because it's a pretty simple system to use all by yourself.
At first, this educational company wanted to watch me remotely online - which was also super easy for them to do. They could see what I was recording in real time and communicate their feedback through the Jalinga system.
After only a few sessions, they saw that I could handle things all by myself. Now they can pretty much give me a basic outline of what to do, and I can set myself up in the studio for three hours, design a presentation, and come out with a fully filmed lesson ready to publish - no further help needed. I can easily stop and review whatever I've been filming and do multiple takes without ever leaving my position, just by clicking some buttons on the remote. And I swear, I'm not good at computers - it's just that simple to get the hang of.
If you have any need for professional quality videos for any purpose, whether it's filming promotional material or content for seminars/conventions - it's highly recommended.
Ahmad Al Borghli
Venture International
I had good times filming an introduction for my PMP course Jalinga Studio , with such a creative tool , and great support from the team , I was able to get a nice , interactive , and creative demo about project management .
It's quite simple , efficient , and relevant for filming educational content .
I would recommend it for instructors who need interactive recorded materials .
Thanks Jalinga for the nice experience
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