Video studio turnkey

If you need to create professional quality video courses, then order a turnkey video studio from us. We offer everything you need for video broadcasting, recording podcasts and creating other video content. The peculiarity of Jaling video studios is the ability to work
with the equipment without long training.

Features and advantages of our video studios

Jalinga Video Studio is a special equipment and software that is used to create video clips. When customers turn to us, they get everything they need on a turnkey basis. It is enough only to provide the room of the required size. The advantages of video studios from our company are:

You don't need to look for a director, editor, illuminator and other specialists. Thanks to a special control, the speaker can record a high-quality professional video by himself.

Please note: To create videos for the video studio, you just need to come with your idea, a presentation, if necessary, our staff will help you prepare it. We provide not only equipment and software, but also training materials. They allow you to quickly master the nuances of working with the video studio.

Types of video studios by Jaling

Using Jaling studios to create training videos is profitable. We have thought through the process of recording video content to the smallest detail. Once the studio is up and running, you don't need to buy any additional equipment. The largest educational platforms in the country use our services.

When ordering equipment from us our clients can choose one of three video studio options. The choice in favor of one or another layout depends on what the customer needs:
Standard option. Provides everything you need to record video at 30 frames per second. The package does not include a teleprompter, assistant workstation, for details, please contact the managers of Jaling.

Do you want to order a turnkey video studio? Contact our company. We'll help you choose the right option, set up the equipment.

We'll teach you how to work with it and create interactive videos.

Learn more about Jalinga Studio and see how it works here!