Video studio for webinars

In our company you can rent or order a video studio for turnkey webinars. We offer this service for teachers, coaches, business coaches and other professionals who create videos, online broadcasts or webinars. We provide not only the equipment, but also the software necessary for its work. We teach how to use it if necessary.

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To create a quality training video, video lecture or online broadcast, you need special equipment:

Powerful computer.
Requires a system with plenty of RAM and a quality video card. We offer a PC in the maximum configuration, which allows you to quickly process any commands.
Special equipment.
For corporate training or creating videos for other purposes, you need an interactive whiteboard, a capture card for creating screencasts, etc. Why buy all this when you can rent a ready-made studio?
Quality cameras.
Our equipment is of the highest quality - cameras with 4K resolution. With the help of such equipment you can create a beautiful picture. Our video studios allow you to create professional videos even without knowledge of directing and editing.

Please note: Jalinga Company creates video studios "to order". But our clients can also rent a ready-made studio. This service is very popular. After all, at the start of their business not every professional has a large sum, allowing to equip their own studio. But you can always turn to us.

Buying and renting a video studio for webinars

If you want to equip your own video studio, you need to have a room. Equipment delivery depends on the remoteness of the region. The cost depends on the type of equipment. You can learn more in the price list on our website or from the managers.

You can buy or rent a video studio for webinars, which will have the following features:

Recording a webinar for training using our studio during the live broadcast, you can show images, charts and graphs.
Handwritten text.
Each studio is equipped with an interactive whiteboard. You can take notes on it, draw charts and quickly erase if necessary with just one action, not a sponge.
Change the background.
In the control menu of the studio, you just need to select the appropriate color, with just one button.
Application output.
To tell you about certain functions of the graphic or video editor, as well as other programs, they can be displayed with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

Jalinga Video Studio is an interactive touch board, high-quality video and sound, the necessary equipment and software for webinars and online broadcasts. If you want to organize your own studio, or rent a ready studio, please call us at +7 (800) 775-90-03. We will help you.

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