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Online Communication Via Jalinga —
How Can You Use It To Teach?

Writing and drawing on the board are not all of Jaling's capabilities. Today we'll talk about the online call feature right inside the studio.

The main function of Jalinga Studio is, of course, to record videos of different formats and high quality. But that is not all that our studio can do. One of the main features that distinguishes the studio from other analogues is the operation in the online format and live broadcasting. The studio connects as easily as possible to many well-known online platforms for video calls or webinars, and everything that happens in the studio is transmitted online.

How can the video call feature in Jalinga be useful to you?

Holding webinars — the studio can easily transmit video to any webinar platforms: the speaker narrates his material in the same way as when recording a normal video, but can also read the audience's comments and live answer their questions. It's also possible to show a video of the connected speaker, like in FaceTime. This is useful when one of the speakers cannot physically be in the studio.

Lessons, seminars and exams — let's not forget about online learning. Jalinga is perfect for conducting seminars, colloquiums and even exams and dissertation defenses. Jalinga Studio software allows you to simply connect to Zoom or Skype and transmit video and audio from the studio to all participants of the call.

Job interviews and employee training — even job interviews and corporate training can be conducted online: with the help of the touch board you can clearly describe the company to a potential employee or show new production functions.
Jalinga offers professional lighting, sound, camera and unique features that no other solution can offer. Our software and innovations will help you engage viewers and be more interesting and understandable than your competitors. The transparent touch board has many features: draw, move objects, highlight, zoom in, take notes and doodle in your presentation online and get the most out of it!

Do you want to conduct webinars in a completely new way? Try Jalinga — leave an application and we'll tell you more about the studio.
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