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Jalinga introduces Classroom, a studio for simultaneous online and offline lessons

Today, we present Jalinga Classroom – an innovative mini-video-recording studio designed specifically for creating modern interactive lessons. This product allows you to engage students whether they are in the classroom or joining the class remotely.

What's special about Classroom?
Easy to use
Jalinga Classroom simplifies the process of running your classes. The intuitive interface and Jalinga Studio software make it easy to customize your presentations and the filming process. For those who are already familiar with the full-fledged Jalinga video studio, mastering Classroom is even easier!

Interactive tools
The touchboard allows you to create colourful notes and diagrams in front of the class. Fluorescent markers and the board's ultraviolet lighting make the learning process more interactive.

Student communication
Thanks to the speakerphone, the audio from the classroom is transmitted to online learners, whose answers are audible to everyone. In this way, remote learners maintain contact with other students.
We are committed to continuously improving and developing Jalinga Classroom.
In upcoming updates, we plan to add hotkeys for easy switching between slides and an additional camera that captures the whole front of the classroom, allowing online learners to see what is happening.
Learn more about Jalinga video studio
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