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Jalinga's Investment In Education Technology — MENA Now, Europe Next

Innovative EdTech Company, Jalinga, Paves the Way for Digital Learning in UAE and Beyond

Education is the bedrock of societal development, and all visionary countries, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have long recognized its significance in shaping a prosperous future.

While commendable strides have been made towards improving online education, there remain challenges to ensuring accessible and high-quality learning for all.

Jalinga, a pioneering EdTech company, following its mission to improve online education around the world, is taking a remarkable step to support UAE's educational institutions through a generous grant of $500,000.

This grant aims to revolutionize eLearning in the UAE and pave the way for a new era of digital learning in the MENA region.

Empowering Educational Institutions:
The UAE Grant Program

Recognizing the transformative potential of technology in education, Jalinga is investing $500,000 in a grant program for select educational institutions first in the UAE, and in Europe over the coming years.

This strategic initiative aims to uplift those universities and schools committed to reshaping their educational practices and becoming pioneers in the field of online education.
The grant program will focus
on institutions that:

  • Plan or have plans to develop online and hybrid learning, and/or;
  • Aim to work with students from all over the world through online learning, and/or;
  • Have teacher education programs to support professional development.
Jalinga’s experts will carefully select the institutions that demonstrate the vision and commitment
to redefine education.

The chosen recipients of this prestigious grant will not only receive financial assistance but also join a global network of educational visionaries, collectively shaping the future of learning.

Jalinga envisions that by investing in these exceptional institutions, they can inspire others to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of excellence across the educational landscape.
Jalinga's Vision: Education Enhanced by Technology
Jalinga firmly believes that technology can revolutionize education, and they have proven this with their innovative video studio.

Designed to empower both educators and learners, Jalinga's state-of-the-art studio makes it effortless for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to create captivating video courses and lectures.

The studio boasts an automated system that seamlessly connects cameras, lighting, and sound, simplifying the video recording process.

Additionally, Jalinga's proprietary transparent touch board adds interactive elements to video lessons, enabling educators to engage with their presentations dynamically.

Video lessons created in Jalinga studio are convenient for use in online learning, which is important for situations where there is no opportunity to attend classes in person. All you need to learn a new subject is access to the Internet and a device from which the student will watch a video on a new topic.

Jalinga accomplishes two goals by doing this: making education more accessible to students from hard-to-reach or underprivileged regions and giving teachers the opportunity to unleash their creativity. After all, a lesson spent reading tedious textbooks is no match for designing your own video lesson, filming and teaching in a new format.
Jalinga's generous grant to the UAE institutions marks a significant step in the pursuit of accessible and forward-looking education in the MENA region and Europe.

By empowering educational institutions with their cutting-edge video studio, Jalinga is helping educators inspire, engage, and educate learners across diverse backgrounds.

As this EdTech company continues to lead the way in revolutionizing education, the impact of their efforts will undoubtedly extend far beyond the borders of the UAE, shaping a brighter future for learners worldwide.