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Jalinga’s CEO To Give A Speech At Amity University, Dubai

February 9 is the last but not the least day of The 2nd Annual Conference on Best Practices in Teaching and Learning 2024, which has been held since February 5 in three UAE universities, and now it will be held in the walls of Amity University in Dubai. This is the day of the conference that will be opened by Pavel Lovyannikov, CEO of Jalinga, giving his speech.
Pavel has already delivered a speech on the first day of the conference, and now he will speak on creating high-quality educational content.

Pavel will talk about the current challenges faced by those who want to create educational video content and show how Jalinga studio, with all its features and capabilities, solves these problems.
If you have not yet had a chance to experience Jalinga at the conference, this is a great chance! We look forward to seeing everyone at this great event, which will be held on February 9 at Amity University in Dubai.
Check out the day's program and register here.