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Jalinga will take part in BETT 2023

I hope you’re as excited as we are about BETT starting today! It’ll be only a couple days — 29–31 of March we’ll be there to show you our amazing Jalinga Studio, so don’t miss out.

Also we’re going to be offering something very special: if you order at our show, you’ll get a
10% discount on your specified solution!

We know that it’s always difficult, you have lots of things to do, you’re a bit busy, so we’re going to be offering a 5% discount for the following two weeks after the show. You can talk to us, then talk to other people, and we can still offer you a discount after BETT. So we’d really like you to come along and see us and our solution at the show.

Jalinga at Bett London '23! Welcome to our booth number HI30!
To make that a little bit more fun for you, we’re also going to be pre-booking video sessions. So you’ll be able to join us, record your video, get it on show or after via email and show our amazing AR solution to your friends and colleagues. Maybe it might help you to convince others at your organization that it is truly a wonderful product

We look forward to seeing you at BETT, do come and chat with us. It’s going to be great!