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Jalinga days

Get ready for an exciting journey at Jalinga Days, where innovation meets education! From December 18-22, immerse yourself in a world of online education and elevate your knowledge and skills.
Coursera and YouTube
Uncover strategies to effectively showcase your courses on renowned platforms like Coursera and YouTube.

With Jalinga's revolutionary tools - including the all-new Jalinga Quick and Jalinga Classroom - learn how to craft compelling content by creating just 10 videos per day.

Witness the magic of achieving top-notch video recordings in a mere 10 minutes.
But that's not all!
As a participant you can seize the opportunity to receive your personalized, professionally-made video during this event.

Select from a diverse array of seven templates specifically tailored to your niche or opt for a congratulatory template to add a touch of celebration.
Don't miss out on the chance to experience the future of education and explore the groundbreaking features of Jalinga Quick and Jalinga Classroom.

These products are designed to merge online and offline education and make teachers lives much easier.
Join us from December 18-22 in Dubai at Knowledge Village, Block 2B, Office 132 and take advantage of this unique opportunity to revolutionize your approach to learning and teaching!