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ISE is over, but not for everyone!

The Jalinga Global team presented a video studio with a unique glass touchboard at ISE Barcelona 2023!
The exhibition was huge...
The exhibition was huge and mind-boggling, the presented products were not only innovative, but also the most useful.
During the exhibition, there was a big meeting of Jalinga partners from all over the world.
They spread knowledge, discussed educational trends of the future, and shared their experience in online education developing in their countries.
All over the world, from Japan to Mexico, Jalinga teams provide millions of students with properly developed, interesting educational content (courses, lectures, seminars, webinars, etc.) in the shortest possible time.

This is achieved with the help of teachers and, of course, Jalinga technology – video studios with state-of-the-art software.
Numerous companies from over 120 countries have praised Jalinga's efficient technology.
For example, rAVe [PUBS] channel also grasped the opportunity to interview Alexey Misyutin, a project leader.
rAVe [PUBS] is a respected AV news organization that reports on the HomeAV, ProAV, Rental and Staging,
Education and Digital Signage industries

ISE 2023: Jalinga Demos Its Augmented Reality (AR) Presentation Studio,

Zoom- and Teams-Compatible

For those who have already tested our studio at the exhibition, we are holding a special ‘After Party’.
On Wednesday, February 15, at 2:00 UTC, Jalinga will present the technology in a private zoom meeting. The participants will have a chance not only to watch but ask questions, and at the end of the meeting, each participant will receive a gift!
Learn more about Jalinga video studio
and see how it works here!