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Jalinga Classroom is a hybrid video studio set up in a regular classroom that allows teachers to deliver state-of-the-art interactive lessons that will engage students, both in the classroom and remotely.
Video quality
Complete sets
Glass touchboard
A unique tool that allows you to manage and edit video content in real time. The intuitive interface allows you to easily move, stretch and scale video elements using hand gestures.

The board is made of high-quality durable materials that do not wear or break. It does not swing or wobble during use.

Size - 36 inches 16:9
Glass thickness - 4mm
Touchboard use examples
Размер - 36 inches 16:9
Толщина стекла - 4mm
A unique tool that allows you to manage and edit video content in real time. The intuitive interface allows you to easily move, stretch, crop and scale video elements using hand gestures.

The board is made of high-quality durable materials that do not wear or break. It does not swing or wobble during use.
Wireless keyboard and mouse, clicker, speakerphone
FHD camera
High-resolution shooting
Crystal clear image
Online streaming capability

Sensor size: 4 million pixels
Connection: USB Type-C
Attachment: On the workstation monitor
Focus: Automatic
Video resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Ultra HD), up to 60 fps
Optional equipment
Height-adjustable table
Allows for conducting lessons while sitting or standing.
During a lesson, the teacher gives the presentation and provides the learning materials online, and the students in the classroom watch the broadcast on a large plasma monitor near the board.

This allows the teacher to use interactive features when teaching offline lessons.
Monitor for lesson streaming
- 55-inch LCD monitor
- Mobile stand with attachment
Controls the video studio using Jalinga Studio software
Connects the original audio and video clips and saves the lesson recording in mp4 format.
Shows the lesson to the teacher and streams it to students online
Manages the touchboard and interactive presentation

CPU cores: 6
CPU frequency: 4.3 GHz
RAM: 16 Gb
HDD: SSD 256 Gb
Из чего состоит студия Jalinga
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TV ‎
It shows students in the classroom a live online broadcast of the lesson with all interactive materials.
Touchscreen board
It allows for interaction with lesson/lecture materials and writing during the presentation.
You can choose the white or black one.
It captures the teacher and broadcasts the lesson to students online.
Electric Stand Up Metal Desk Workstation
Allows for conducting lessons while sitting or standing.
It allows you to control equipment and presentations, record and edit videos, and interact with students online.
Jalinga expands the boundaries of hybrid learning.
In the challenging year of 2020, digital transformation, which had been widely discussed, became a survival factor.

Jalinga is the new standard in digital communications. This innovative and high-tech product underscores its alignment with current trends in digitization in education, business, and other fields.
Jalinga Studio Software

Automates the entire video studio
Transforms a video studio into a SMART space for video production. Turn your video studio on and off with the touch of a button.
Allows for live broadcasting
Jalinga Software is a unique software solution that offers extensive connectivity options to various online streaming platforms. Whether it's popular services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype, or exclusive solutions for closed ecosystems in education or corporate training.
Instant video production
Jalinga Studio provides high-quality video recording and instantly renders the recording, giving the completed file in mp4 format, saving you time and money on video processing.

Launches interactive presentations
Our software is the ideal solution for creating and editing interactive presentations. Upload multimedia files, pictures, videos and animations, embed scalable images, and even show your computer screen in your presentation.
With Jalinga Studio, you can be assured that you will produce a professional and well-executed presentation. Most importantly, the studio's functionality is constantly being updated and expanded, giving you to all access all trending features to create truly unforgettable presentations.

Check out the demo version of Jalinga Studio

Services Included in the Package Price

Personal accounting and assistance of our content developers:

• evaluation, comments and suggestions for improving video materials and presentations
• tips based on our experience in creating content and the experience of other clients
• recommendations on appearance, in-frame conduct and material presentation

Expert support
Our team of professionals is ready to provide assistance on any technical issues related to the setup, operation and maintenance.

We guarantee a quick response to all problems and a quality solution to any technical problems.

We strive to provide you with the most comfortable conditions to allow you to focus on creating high-quality content.

Tech support
Our experts will professionally install the equipment and calibrate all settings to allow you to shoot your video with peace of mind.
After installation, we provide training and issue access to the Jalinga online course on the "Thinkific" online learning platform.

We also provide continuous technical support and are always ready to answer any of your questions and help solve any problems you may face while using your brand-new video studio.

Delivery and installation
Jalinga User Reviews

Pierre Coombes
Sales marketing expert
Here at Jalinga Studio I filmed an ad for my company. I really enjoyed it and it has been really fun and interactive! It's great seeing a new technology in action when it comes to video.
Amina Yonis
Bloger and educator
I filmed my brand new course at Jalinga Studio. It was super exciting to use Jalinga software which is absolutely amazing. It completely changed the way I will film and edit my videos in the future. It took me around 20 minutes to record what will normally take at least an hour. It's amazing, I can't wait to use Jalinga to shoot new videos soon!
Shahina Jafar
We had a really great experience in Jalinga Studio. Their location is fantastic, really easy to get to. Jalinga crew has been really helpful to me, they helped me with the presentation before I came to the studio. I would definitely recommend Jalinga to people who are looking for an interactive way to do their webinars or courses.
Ivo Capins
Deputy director
Our school slogan is "Learn easy!" and it is one of iur core value. In school we put all effort to provide such learning experience when students got entertained and learning materials are tailored for their needs. Jalinga studio is excellent solution where we produce our learning materials. In Jalinga studio we created over 500 video within different curriculum. We 100% recommend Jalinga studio!
Jordan Gardner
Hi, my name is Jordan and I often use Jalinga for creating online videos for my students. I am a teacher, who teaches English as a second language. I find it very comfortable, very easy to get to when and the staff are always absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it.
Lora Peysakhovich
Regional manager
We were looking for a studio where we could record a video course for our clients on how to use our technology. We have lots of clients all over the country and it was very inconvenient to travel a lot. And we decided to reduce the costs and automate the process.
We chose Jalinga as it's really fast and easy to get a video done. We wrote the script, prepared presentations and texts for the prompter. And without any film crew our speaker managed to record the whole videocourse. We also liked to play with the elements of my presentation and the video is absolutely engaging.
Adrienne Ebert
English teacher
I have been filming recorded content with Jalinga studios for almost 2 years for an educational company.
I was able to quickly adapt to the studio, software and format, and now feel like I am a pro. This is not due to any great technical expertise on my part, but just because it's a pretty simple system to use all by yourself.
At first, this educational company wanted to watch me remotely online - which was also super easy for them to do. They could see what I was recording in real time and communicate their feedback through the Jalinga system.
After only a few sessions, they saw that I could handle things all by myself. Now they can pretty much give me a basic outline of what to do, and I can set myself up in the studio for three hours, design a presentation, and come out with a fully filmed lesson ready to publish - no further help needed. I can easily stop and review whatever I've been filming and do multiple takes without ever leaving my position, just by clicking some buttons on the remote. And I swear, I'm not good at computers - it's just that simple to get the hang of.
If you have any need for professional quality videos for any purpose, whether it's filming promotional material or content for seminars/conventions - it's highly recommended.
Ahmad Al Borghli
Venture International
I had good times filming an introduction for my PMP course Jalinga Studio , with such a creative tool , and great support from the team , I was able to get a nice , interactive , and creative demo about project management .
It's quite simple , efficient , and relevant for filming educational content .
I would recommend it for instructors who need interactive recorded materials .
Thanks Jalinga for the nice experience


We supply the turnkey video studios, that is, in addition to equipment, the price includes software, installation, configuration of equipment and an online training course for your employees. Technical and methodological support is also included.
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