What is Leaders Teaching Leaders?

What is Leaders Teaching Leaders?
Leaders Teaching Leaders is the practice of involving the company’s key leaders and experts in the teaching process. They discuss the internal and external challenges facing the organization, as well as its values and mission. They also share the secrets of leadership, management models, professional knowledge, and skills
Why is this needed?
Companies that use leaders in their educational process show the best results in terms of market share, capitalization, and efficiency. In most companies, leaders are involved in corporate training to some extent. At the same time, 17% of companies use formalized Leaders Teaching Leaders: there are rules, procedures, and evaluations. 39% of companies do not formalize the system. However, 44% of companies do not attract leaders to their teaching process.
Why leaders?
Instead of its leader, a company can invite a third-party business coach, who will talk about emotional intelligence. But it will be much more effective to talk about things specific to a particular company: finances, the production system, and the way projects are managed. Who, apart from local leaders, can talk about them better? Employees tend to trust the example before their eyes, the one they see in the office every day.
The concept of Leaders Teaching Leaders is widespread around the world. It is used by corporate universities of such giants as General Electric, Boeing, IBM, Google, Apple.
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