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How to Make Learning Interesting and Fun
The Jalinga Way

The pandemic has been a catalyst for transformation in many areas of modern life, including education: distance learning and video lessons have already become routine for us. But this format raises the problem of students' attention deficit — children get bored, and it becomes difficult for them to resist the temptation to check their Twitter or IG feeds while the lecturer is reading a long, tedious monologue.

Is there any way to keep students interested in learning? The answer is Jalinga!

How to control one's attention with Jalinga Studio?
Jalinga Studio increases the engagement of viewers and listeners as they experience and interact with your content. Highlighting key information during a lecture or presentation is one of the oldest and most universal formats of attention management. Using Jalinga, text or images are displayed on the screen, and the speaker uses a marker or his finger to highlight key elements.

Writing is also one of the ways to manage attention. When you talk about something, try writing down the main points of your speech.

Visualization and object design not only manage attention, but also engage as many parts of the brain as possible in the learning process. Using Jalinga, for example, you can visualize the function of two variables.

The key is to visualize the material and make it easy-to-understand. Show what you're talking about with pictures or photographs, zoom in on them, and highlight elements in the picture.

WOW effect and fun will help in learning
Jalinga is a guarantee of surprise and interest from both children and adults. The possibilities of the interactive touchboard repeatedly increase the involvement of viewers and contribute to a better memorization of information.

One has to agree that it is much easier to watch 5 minutes of video than to read 5 pages of text. And if the video has a speaker who writes down his talking points on a transparent board, watching even a 40-minute lecture won't be a problem.

Visibility is one of the most important elements of modern education. When it comes to children who are immersed in gadgets from a young age, we are dealing with clip thinking. This requires a new approach, and classic formats such as "talking head" are no longer appropriate — children just get bored. Videos made at Jalinga capture the viewer's attention from the first seconds and keep it until the end.

Also, if you use funny pictures, memes or videos that are relevant to the topic of the lesson, it can help keep students in the mood and provide associations so they can memorize new material.

Here's what an employee at one of the schools that uses Jalinga to record video lessons has to say:

"The kids are fascinated by it. They ask, 'What are you doing? Are you writing in the air? How's that possible?" It's great that it appeals to them, it's beautiful, it looks great. The finished product comes out better than other educational resources."

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