How does distance learning save money and increase business profits?

Distance learning is becoming more and more relevant every year: the gradual transition to remote work and the development of technologies only contribute to this.
As a rule, distance learning is 2 times cheaper than traditional full-time. The online format allows you to scale courses and broadcast content to a wide audience, as well as maintain social distance during the pandemic. Many companies are gradually implementing employee training into their processes, but why do they need it? Here are the benefits of online learning for business!
Trained employees work more efficiently
If we compare the performance of an employee who has completed a training course within the company and an employee who has not taken it, then even if the second employee has more experience, his results are lower than that of the trained one. The atmosphere of training and the immersion into the process have a positive effect on the employee’s work in the future.
Not tied to a specific location
For training, employees do not even need to visit the office, not to mention business trips to other cities. You can study at home. Besides, employees in different branches have equal access to training materials.
Decreased staff turnover
It makes no sense for trained specialists to leave your company. They continue to build a career where they have already been trained. As a result, you do not spend resources on finding a new employee but get a valuable staff that will continue to work for the benefit of your company.
The cost of training is 2 times lower
The world practice and the experience of our clients show that online education is 40-60% cheaper than traditional one. The reasons for this are simple: no travel and transportation costs, no cost for renting premises, and no remuneration for a full-time training specialist. What’s more, the video course will remain within the company and will be used to train all current and future employees. In the long term, the cost of the e-learning course per employee is steadily approaching zero.
Jalinga offers companies that want to launch a training system for their employees a tool for fast and high-quality recording of video courses: you can either rent our video studio to record individual videos or install it in your office to put your training videos on stream. Your employees will be trained by the video lectures you have made with the speakers you have selected.

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