How does high-quality content affect the development of education?

How can educational content creators influence the development of the education system? Only by creating the highest-quality and most useful content!

In September 2015, the UN ratified 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which should become guidelines for every state to ensure global prosperity, protect the planet, and eradicate poverty. The fourth goal on this list is unique in that it focuses solely on education – the first time a goal has been set in this area. The result of this goal is the provision of inclusive and equitable quality education and the promotion of lifelong learning.

It is difficult to disagree with such a formulation and the fact of setting goals in the field of education. It's not just the call for access to any education but the emphasis on the quality of education, which is a big step towards ensuring that children from countries with any level of development have a quality education.

What can educational content creators do in this case? First, it is necessary to eliminate the problem of the shortage of qualified personnel since teaching in an outdated format leads more to the abyss than to the information technology future. Then what measures should the leaders of educational institutions take?

Training of new professionals

The most accessible and fastest way is to train the teachers already working in the field of education. Professional retraining may consist of mastering separate, new training formats, including an emphasis on distance education. Teachers in 2022 need to handle computers and gadgets – they must be able to launch online conferences, conduct webinars, and record videos.

You can carry out such training in the educational institution by identifying several employees as experts who will help teachers. In addition to practice, theory is still vital, so do not forget about preparing materials on relevant topics that teachers should pull up. In total, it will take about a year to train a sufficient number of specialists.

New formats and approaches

We need to move further and think deeper: having prepared teachers, we should give them access to the latest technologies to improve the quality of the educational process and increase students' interest in it. In addition, some technologies make it possible not to involve many people in the learning process and content creation. One such development is the Jalinga video studio.

The studio is intuitive for any teacher: video recording starts at the touch of a button, while editing is minimal, and the result is a ready-to-use video.

One person is enough in the studio to create a truly high-quality and interesting video.

The studio consists of a camera system and a touch board between the teacher and the camera. You can use this board to write, draw, show presentations, charts, etc. The board is fully digitized: you can save any inscription and return to it at any time during the shooting.

It is very easy to implement such a tool in the educational process: if you use the Jalinga studio to create educational content and conduct online lessons, the level of assimilation of the material and the motivation of students will increase. The studio will allow you to keep up with the times, maintain modern educational standards, and raise the prestige of your educational organization.

The better-prepared teachers you have, the more effective the education they deliver will be. Education is a continuous process, and teachers should constantly improve their level of training, as well as their professional development skills and their approach to teaching.

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings"
– Salvador Dali
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