Digital records — competing in numbers

World records are of interest to many people, whether we are talking about sports champions who achieve incredible results or people who are the first to do something new or unusual — everyone likes to learn about world records holders.

We decided to choose the most interesting digital world records of the last few years and present them to you.
The smallest YouTube video
The smallest YouTube video
The smallest YouTube video — its size is 13x9 pixels — is almost impossible to see and, frankly, there's nothing to see; nothing interesting seems to happen in that video. However, even this weird record was more popular than some of the music videos, garnering almost 240,000 views. If you want to watch it, be warned — somewhere in the middle of the video someone suddenly screams, so turn down the sound.
Youtube's Smallest Video
The longest time playing a computer game
On the night of October 29-30, 2014 in Poznan, Polish Hubert "Gordon" Bleich broke the world record for the longest time playing on a computer. Bleich is thus promoting his charity campaign to support a foundation that helps children in the fight against cancer.

The previous world record was set in 2012 by Australian Okan Kaya. He spent 135 hours, 15 minutes and 10 seconds on his computer, playing Call of Duty. The Pole broke the Australian's record by playing 48 hours and 20 seconds longer. The Polish player chose the game Sniper Elite III Afrika.
The most effective use of a video studio
And the most impressive record so far: one of Jalinga's clients rents a studio for an hour and manages to end up with 56 minutes of finished video. The productivity is more than 93%!

Such efficiency is achieved thanks to the studio's quality equipment and intuitive controls that can be used to quickly start and stop the filming. Quick editing also saves time by selecting the best shots at the end of the shoot. So we won't be surprised when this record is broken, too!

Maybe the next Jalinga record-breaker will be you. Try shooting a video in our studio — and you'll want to keep that speed forever.
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