Comparison of different approaches to shooting video

Modern technology and the widespread adoption of remote working have made shooting videos easier than ever. You can rent a studio, find a team of specialists, or create your own studio. In this article, we will compare different approaches to shooting video.

Find your "dream team"

If you have never tried to shoot a video course or a series of training videos, it would be a logical step to turn to specialists – those highly skilled professionals who have long been involved in video shooting.

Choosing and hiring a team of specialists can be expensive: one shooting hour may cost a lot of money. To shoot even a small video, you will need a cameraman, a director, a sound engineer, a lighting specialist, and so on. A large team of people is hard to manage, and it is even harder to coordinate something and change content during the shooting process.

My studio

It is a good option if you are sure that you will put the shooting on stream and the amount of content produced will pay off the costs. Universities or companies often buy equipment and create a studio within their walls – it is convenient for those who participate in the shooting process since they don't have to leave their place of work for recording. But in this case, they will still need the help of specialists: a teacher or director of corporate training will hardly quickly master shooting, editing, and processing video on professional equipment.

Hourly studio rental

Sometimes you only need to shoot a few videos to test a new format. In this case, it makes no sense to buy equipment and hire specialists: it is easier to go where everything is ready and pay only for the necessary few hours of shooting.

The same goes for webinars: studio equipment usually allows you to broadcast an excellent picture and sound with a high-speed Internet connection. If you regularly host webinars, renting a studio is a great choice. You will book a time and prepare materials, while the staff will help you broadcast at a high level.

You can test the hourly shooting at Jalinga: we use only high-quality and modern equipment, for example, a transparent touch board on which you can write and show elements of your presentation. These features increase the interactivity of videos shot at Jalinga.

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