Benefits of working with Jalinga: why is it profitable to shoot with us?

Jalinga is a truly unique video studio. In this article, you will learn why large companies and well-known experts choose us to create educational video content.

Online courses for learning platforms, lectures for students, webinars, and live broadcasts – you can do all this quickly and efficiently if you use a professional studio. We use only the most modern equipment and our in-house software combined into the Jalinga system. The studio has already established itself as a solution for numerous tasks, from corporate training to creating content for schools and universities. Why do our partners trust us?

Reliable technical side

We carefully test all the equipment that we use in the studio. The shooting process involves professional video cameras, monitors, a projector, lighting, and a teleprompter. They all interact with each other using the Jalinga software, which allows you to control video recording by clicking a few buttons.

However, it is not only the software that improves the recording process – Jalinga uses our exclusive technical developments, without which the shooting is simply impossible. From the first seconds, the interactive touch board captures and captivates the audience, thus attracting all their attention. The same exciting effect the studio has on the person recording the video – it becomes difficult to break away from shooting.

The touch board is not visible to the viewer and, most importantly, is digitized. You can write on it with your finger or with a colorless marker. Everything you write is saved right in the process of video recording. If the take is unsuccessful, you won't have to erase everything and start from the very beginning. All objects in the speaker's presentation can be moved and resized in real time.

Reduction of time and financial costs

The right equipment is the key to the right processes. With Jalinga, there is no need to hire a video recording team. Jalinga is an editor, sound engineer, and lighting designer – all-in-one.

You no longer need any post-processing. At the end of the shooting, you only need to select the best shots, and our software will automatically merge them into one video. The process organization is also quite simple: you only have to choose the time and place of shooting, agree with the speaker who will prepare a presentation, and record the material.

According to the experience of our partners, the shooting takes about 30% less time and requires 75% less budget than classic recording methods. Even better, the quality of the final material is top-notch.
Jalinga is memorable

Jalinga is guaranteed to capture the attention of both children and adults. The touch board can significantly increase audience involvement and contribute to better memorization.

After all, it is much easier for a person to watch 5 minutes of video than to read 5 pages of text. And if this video has a speaker who notes important theses and main points on a transparent board, watching even a 40-minute lecture will not be a problem.

Visibility is one of the most vital elements of modern education. When it comes to children immersed in gadgets from a young age, you need to work with clip thinking. Thus, you need a new approach, and the classic talking head in the corner of the screen will no longer work – children get bored. Jalinga videos capture the audience's attention from the first seconds and keep it until the end.

Free rein for creativity

One of the reasons for creating the studio was the desire to make the process of making content simple and convenient for the average user of any age, be it a teacher, a student, or an expert with no recording experience. The modern studio allows anyone to come and shoot their video without spending much time setting up the equipment.

Our ambitious goal is to relieve course creators and educators from the hassles they face when creating video content: finding and hiring a team, trying to meet budget, post-production, and editing. We believe that nothing should get in the way of the creative process and want to give them a chance to implement all their ideas into videos with just a few clicks.

All this forms Jalinga – a solution trusted by large companies, famous schools and universities, and media personalities. Feel free to use Jalinga – leave a request, and we will show you how the studio works live.

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