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Big Update to Jalinga Cloud and
Jalinga Web Editor

We continue to talk about updates to Jalinga’s web services. In the last article, we discussed decomposing PDF slides in Jalinga Web Editor when importing them into a jpres presentation. You can read more about it here:

Improving the Design

We have updated the design of Jalinga Cloud and Jalinga Web Editor to make creating presentations even more convenient and faster.


We added page-by-page access to the “My Presentations” and “My Files” sections. This makes page loading faster, and it’s now easier for you to view and find the data you need.
Expanding possibilities in creating presentations.
  • While creating a presentation, you can upload new files and use those already uploaded to the Library.
  • Check the display of all objects, their properties, and animations while creating a presentation
  • Integration of the file library with
    Jalinga Web Editor
  • Presentation preview
  • “Duplicate slide” button
  • Create a copy of a slide with one click.
  • Custom scaling of the “Video call” object
  • Freely reduce or enlarge the “Video call” object.
  • Applying transition animations to multiple slides
  • Select multiple slides at once and apply animation to all of them simultaneously.
  • Localizing the Jalinga Web Editor interface
  • Translation into English and Spanish has been added.
  • More convenient font selection
  • Quick renaming of the presentation
  • The font's name serves as its own showcase
  • Change the name of the presentation with a double-click.
  • - Editing text from PDF
  • When importing PDF files, text blocks with fonts from the Web Editor are transferred to the presentation and can be edited.
Improving Jalinga services for you!
Go to Jalinga Web Editor and check out the latest updates.